Physio Led Back Care Class

This exercise class is for those who have either had back issues in the past, or would like to prevent future problems. We focus on improving and maintaining functional movement of the spine and endurance, In order to improve your confidence to move and create resilience against future issues. A healthy spine needs to move regularly and be exercised at all stages of life.

This is a small class (maximum of 12) run by a qualified Physiotherapist who will tailor exercises according to your individual level /needs.

Classes will include a light cardio warm up, gym balls, standing and mat based exercises.

Access to the class is via a short screening assessment which can usually be done by phone call. This is to check for suitability and screening for safety. If you are having current/acute back pain and have not yet seen a medical professional, you may be advised to either to contact your GP to arrange a physiotherapy referral or you can arrange one with myself if you prefer, for assessment, treatment and advice.

EVERY SATURDAY 10:00 – 11:00 am

Class Price: £8.00


To Book, Please Call Becky on 07939 959148.

Your coach will send you bank transfer details for payment.



Physiotherapist / Trainer: Becky Grimley
Tel: 07939 959148