Fitness Classes



Come and try this brand new 3 in 1 workout!
20 minutes of ZUMBA FITNESS, 20 minutes of ZUMBA TONING, and 20 minutes of HULA HOOPING
(note: Toning sticks and hoops are provided)




A 60-minute barbell weight training class for both men and women (18+), suitable for all fitness levels. Using barbell exercises to music, RIP presents an effective way to strength train the whole body and burn those calories! Using barbells and adjustable weights lets you tone and condition muscles while raising metabolic rate for rapid fat burning.

Summer is approaching….let’s GET RIPPED!!!
Please Note: If you are booked on and find you are unable to attend please text me to cancel your place before 5 p.m. so I can contact folk who may be on a reserve list. Thank you.




High Voltage Interval Training Class – includes Circuits, Pure Cardio, Strength/Resistance Work, Ab Blasting, Plyometrics, Body Conditioning, Power/Speed Drills and More!