Spin & Core/Abs

Benefits of the Indoor Cycling (Spinning):

* Burns many calories in a short space of time;
* Increased cardio endurance;
* Relieves stress;
* Builds muscle tone;
* Low impact exercise;
* Reduced risk of injury.

Benefits of the Core & Abs Section:

In this part of the class you will tone, build & strengthen the abdominal muscles. Core exercises focus on the abdomen, the lower abdomen and hips, the obliques, stabilizing muscles, the spine and the back muscles, as well as the butt. Core exercises train these muscles to work together properly to maintain proper balance, agility, posture and movement to help the body move efficiently as well as preventing injury. When you have a weak core, strength from other muscles gets used instead to compensate, which in turn could lead to injury. A strong core will help you avoid issues like lower back pain. Ensuring your core is strong and flexible will help you in the gym, going about your daily business as well as improving your performance in sports. All exercises have adaptations & alternatives so if you can’t quite do a particular exercise it’s easily adapted.


TUESDAYS 6:15 – 7:15 pm

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Price: £6.00

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